Anger Stress Management

anger stress management
well as anger management what else I can do?

I can well Houwe an earlier question to deal w / my anger and I end up in few months have passed very angry and stressed and I dont really want to take control of anger, because I'm only 14 and go up to my parents asking if I can take driving lessons of anger just seems a little odd about other ways I can help my anger and stress, and stress balls punching pillows ect ..

buy GTA or Saints Row game, help me … and trust me things do not beat, I had that habit until I kicked a hole through a wall when he was angry one days and lost like $ 75 I seriously sugesst eliminating out what makes you angry in his life if their parents talk to their back. is right to defend themselves and defend what one believes, if your school to do homework at school and home projects, it helped me relieve stress at home and gave me more free time also just go to sleep in a moment of tension that helps clear my mind maybe help his

Stress Management Part I

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