Stress Management Exercises

stress management exercises
Stress management for housewife?

Do any of you have any tips to handle the stress of a SAHM? Everything I've seen about management of stress has something to do with exercise in it and do not enjoy exercising so that I would help the group. I watched mom play groups and even there is none in this area? Thank you all for your wonderful advice I will talk to the husband when he gets home and talk about it:)

I had all my kids 11 months apart … so I know about the stay at home mom stress syndrome! I always was a plan a few hours away from home to week .. child free, and a night out with my husband once a week. There was something to know that if I had something to look forward .. a film, a kind of glass colors I wanted a spa .. .. treating things were not so bad! Some days I was saying .. just two days, and I will take a break! my days were time for me Tuesday and Sat. for date night even if you have little cash, date night can be as simple as leaving a child with a friend and sneak return home to embrace a movie and time … or a late night walk in the park or the beach with a thermos of hot chocolate! Another thing that helped was the planning pre! Place the clothes the night before, when like cooking make extra to freeze, and when you have a day filled with stress, has a lasagna "to drive out freezer for dinner! Keep a diaper bag packed and ready to go (along with the treatment of pre-made bags for older children), when things get really bad, take the children, the bag and just go to the park … or even out side of a picnic "… take the diaper bag so you do not have to go in emergencies .. which is actually carried out of the 4 walls for a while! (Works great surprise!) And just remember that one day will all be over, the house is empty and quiet .. and a little lonely .. Another game I played with my 6 years of age on up is "her mother now" .. I played, I turned on television to what I wanted to see, and ordered a peanut butter sandwich and a glass of milk (not easy your child can do) .. "mommy" has to be me, if the phone rang, picked it up, if there was a mess that needs cleaning (within reason), and if the "small" made noise came to find a way to solve the problem … Warning, this can only last an hour .. but worth a try, a child does not easily see being a mom .. the first 15 minutes like the "power" .. after that it gets hard!

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