Anger Management Tips

stress management tips
Anger Management Tips

What is a good healthy way to release anger and stop .. be angry .. I’ve been really stressed out (so there will be no surprise that I have not been stressful) and everything seems to piss me off. I do not like hurting the feelings of the people and that is why we need a way of letting the anger and hurt someone (or their feelings) just need some basic tips that can easily be put into practice, and do not want to relieve stress (lol atm) righteous anger reliever tips: P Thanks in advance x

Elastic band on his wrist pulling him when he’s angry (hurt) “Having a number arbitrary-Going to the gym (Push yourself. Careful with weights. Running works well.) “Thinking about why your anger (sometimes their anger is misplaced)-Talking to a friend (Rant first. Apologize later.) “Write an angry email (Avoid shipping.) NO NO:” Do not get into a fight “Do not pierce the walls with a closed fist (Breaking the hand will make his most angry)

Ten Tips for Stress Management

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